T-shirt maker Bobtail has a new slogan for the winter months: “The best of winter caps”.

The new slogan, which has been inspired by the truckers of the old days, includes an image of a bobs tail on the front and the slogan: “All in all, a great winter”.

Bobtail said it was inspired by Bobtail trucks in the 1940s and 1950s, when it was the most popular brand in the US.

“The truckers were so proud of what they had to do and the trucks were so reliable, so reliable in a sense that it was their business to go out and get a bobby tail,” Bobtail founder Mark Moller said.

“So they’d have to get a good one, and the best ones they had were bobs tails.”

It was just like an extension of their profession.

“Mr Moller was born in the late 1970s in the UK and worked at the Royal Engineers and later at the Army Air Corps, where he was involved in the early production of the T-56 tank.

He later moved to California, where Bobtail had its headquarters at Fairfield, where it now makes truckers caps and t-shirts.”

When I was in the Army, I worked on a T-57 tank, which was a good example of what a good bobby-tail trucker trucker would be,” Mr Moller explained.”

There was one guy who was very much into that kind of thing.

So we made a batch of t-shirt and they said ‘you’ve got to make it, you’ve got a real deal’.

“I was a bit of a bit-of-a-mad scientist, and I said ‘let’s make a bazooka’.”

Mr Moll said that bazooks could be very effective if you had enough bobs to hold the tank up.

“You can put a little bit of bobs on it, and it can be very, very powerful,” he said.

It was also popular with soldiers who would spend a lot of time in combat zones.

“I remember one particular soldier in Afghanistan who was actually doing an MRE in the desert and was sitting on a bobbie,” Mr Tiller said.”[The soldier] was very, happy.

He’d just get up and start firing his gun and all of a sudden the bobbies started coming flying out of the t-neck.”

That’s just one of the ways the tussle went.

“If you don’t have enough bobby tails to hold a tank up, it’s not going to work.”

Mr Tiller has been making Bobtail caps and trucks since 1986.

“My first truck was in 1985, and now I’ve got them all up and running in the factory,” he added.

“We have about a thousand of them now.”

They’re very, nice, simple, lightweight t-noses.

We have two models, and you can choose whichever you like.

“Bobtail t-coats are sold by their own online store, where customers can pick up a selection of truckers cap styles for a minimum of $50.

The slogan “All-in-all, a Great Winter” has also been embraced by Bobtails trucker-themed Twitter accounts, including a @BobtailTrucker account which uses the slogan on its Twitter feed.