The monster truck game is coming to India.

The company behind the popular title Monster Truck Simulator is in talks to acquire a trucking firm that is developing a truck show in India.

The company is a subsidiary of trucking giant MTN India.MTN India is planning to build a giant truck show on the outskirts of Mumbai.

It would be the biggest ever truck show to be held in India, but the game would not be available in the country.

India has no dedicated gaming platforms for the genre, and most of the industry’s top players, including the world’s largest logistics company and the world-famous auto maker Tata Motors, have closed shop.

The Indian government has yet to finalise a plan to open a dedicated gaming platform for the game.

In a tweet on Tuesday, MTN said the company had been in discussions with several game developers about acquiring a truck and show business.

MTN’s chief operating officer Sridhar Jain said MTN had also been in talks with several trucking companies.

He did not provide any further details.

The trucking industry is a relatively small business in India and most companies do not have a presence in the state.

But MTN has a history of acquiring big players like Tata and Tata Mahindra.