As part of the new order, the truck parts suppliers will also be required to get their products into U.S. markets.

They will have to pay a 2.5 percent import duty on the parts, according to the order.

The order says the truck components must also be labeled and be labeled as such.

The company said the orders will apply to its own products, but not those from its rivals.

It said it is working with the U.K. Government to comply.

A spokesman for General Motors said Friday that the company would “not have approved the importation of the truck-parts parts and would be working with our suppliers to address the issues identified.”

The order also says the suppliers must notify the U:S.

Trade Representative within 30 days of the import of any vehicle parts.

The U.N. agency that handles trade disputes in the U;S.

said it will be investigating the import orders.

The National Transportation Safety Board will also investigate.