What you need to know about diesel trucks and how they differ from older models.

The newest diesel trucks are all diesel engines, and they have a huge range of features.

But you can’t just buy a diesel truck and expect it to do everything a truck with a gas tank and some gas wheels does.

The diesel trucks have to be designed for different types of road conditions.

You’ll have to choose between two options: diesel engines that run on natural gas and diesel engines with diesel exhaust systems that use compressed air.

Both are great, but only the former is available in every truck.

The new diesel trucks can’t be bought as gas-powered trucks, because they’re diesel.

But the newer diesel trucks also have other unique features.

The engine has to be able to handle high pressures like those that you can expect from a gas truck, so the engine needs to be smaller.

This also means that it can handle higher fuel loads, which are more dangerous.

In the diesel trucks, the engine is located on the right side of the truck, which means that the truck can be more efficient.

That’s because the fuel efficiency of the diesel engine is higher than the gas engine.

And this is important because it allows the truck to operate more efficiently, because the gas tank has to fill up less and the engine has less fuel to push it.

In other words, the diesel truck is more efficient, because it can carry more fuel.

So it’s important to know the difference between the two diesel engines so that you know which truck is best for your road conditions and how much fuel it needs to operate.

To learn more about how diesel trucks operate, check out this video.

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