The Australian Financial Press has learnt the owner of a sema truck rental service has launched a competitor, UberX, to help compete with the taxi companies’ market dominance.

Sema, a Perth-based company, is the latest in a string of companies to jump on the Uber bandwagon.

The company’s chief executive, Robyn Fergusson, said she believed her company would eventually eclipse UberX.

“UberX is an easy to understand, simple to use, secure, and secure app,” Ms Ferguseson said.

“It’s all about connecting customers and businesses to drivers, it’s about delivering a better experience and we’re building it all in Australia.”

The sema service allows customers to rent a truck and take it home, with the option of having the truck parked outside the rental property.

It does not have a rental charge and customers can choose whether to pay for the truck with a credit or debit card.

Ms Fengusson said she had been looking at how to grow her business, but would be looking for an option to build a business on the ride-sharing platform.

“This was the first time I thought of it in that way,” Ms Tommaso said.

The business started life in 2016 with Ms Fregusson selling a used sema to a friend and her partner.

Ms Tomson said she was attracted by the ease of using the app and the convenience it provided for people to rent trucks.

“I’m not a customer of UberX or anything like that, but I just wanted to make sure I was getting a fair deal,” she said.

She said the company would provide free parking for its trucks to other people and provide a way for customers to find a vehicle when they didn’t have one.

Ms Mota said she would look for other services that had similar features and would be happy to work with other businesses.

The semas are available for rental for up to three months.

“It’s a really good option, you know it’s not cheap, but it’s a great option,” she added.

“We’re building up to a million trucks per month.”

Semas service was initially developed by Ms Flegusson’s mother and Ms Tormson’s father.

Ms Semason said her mother was initially skeptical about the service and the fact it was not for hire, but when she used it she was impressed.

She has since started renting the truck herself and she said it has become a reliable vehicle.

Ms Ferguson said it was the right choice for the business, which was growing and the business was making a good amount of money.

She said the business had been on a slow decline but was now looking to build it up further.

“If we can continue to build this up, and grow the business in that respect, then I think we will see that it will be a great business for the city of Perth,” Ms Sema said.

Uber has launched its app in Perth and a number of other cities around Australia.

Uber’s chief operating officer, Ryan Graves, said in a statement that it was building a “world-class” network of drivers across the country.

He said the ride sharing platform was “a great way for drivers to work together and make an extra income”.

“When you’re driving a truck in Perth, you can’t just sit back and watch the money rolling in.

It has to be done,” he said.