The U.S. trucking industry is a $2 trillion industry with more than 5 million companies operating in more than 60 countries, according to a recent analysis by Axios.

The highest paid company in the United States is the United Technologies Corporation, with an average compensation package of $1.2 million.

The top 25 highest paid companies are: 1.

United Technologies Corp. 2.

Exxon Mobil Corp. 3.

General Electric Co. 4.

General Motors Co. 5.

Johnson & Johnson Inc. 6.

Cummins Engine Co. 7.

Chevron Corp. 8.

Allstate Corp. 9.

Cargill Inc. 10.

ConocoPhillips Inc. 11.

Aetna Inc. 12.

Suncor Energy Inc. 13.

DaimlerChrysler Holdings NV 14.

ChevronTexaco Inc. 15.

United Parcel Service Corp. 16.

Allianz Group Plc 17.

Johnson-Bezos Inc. 18.

AIG Inc. 19.

American Airlines Group Inc. 20.

Ford Motor Co. 21.

FedEx Corp. 22.

Caterpillar Inc. 23.

UPS Inc. 24.

Honeywell International Inc. 25.

DHL AG 26.

Catering Services Corp. 27.

FedEx Services Corp 28.

United Airlines Group 29.

Dolan Inc. 30.

CVS Health Inc. 31.

United States Steel Corp. 32.

United Healthcare Corp. 33.

General Dynamics Corp. 34.

UnitedHealth Group Inc., which owns CVS Caremark, Aetamp Health Plan, and American Express Group Inc.(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer) 37.

General Mills Inc. 38.

United Health Care 39.

Chevron-Texaco, a unit of ChevronTexco Inc. (AP Photo) 41.

Caterium Corp. 42.

General Atlantic, a division of Allied Materials Inc.(Reuters) 43.

United Chemical Corp. 44.

Cummintown Industries, Inc. 45.

A.G. Lafarge, Inc.(Photo: Reuters/Mike Segar) 46.

Alliant Techsystems, Inc., an energy technology company(AP Photo: Mark Wallheiser) 48.

American Petroleum Institute, an industry group.(AP) 50.

Caterina Group Inc(Reuters) The average compensation for the top 25 companies is $9.3 million, which is about $11,000 more than the median compensation for all U.