By the end of the year, the final game in the series is set to be released in the west and a trailer for it has been shown.

This is where the truckers are concerned.

“We’ll be showing that trailer and you’ll have a chance to try it yourself,” game director David Hayter tells Eurogamer.

The trailer has a number of similarities with what you’d expect from a trailer.

It shows the truck and its crew being shown off, as well as some of the trailers and locations in the game, which are set around the fictional country of Sweden.

But there’s also a few differences.

There’s a lot of the trucks and crew that aren’t in the trailer. 

“We’ve taken away a lot from the trailers that we showed off at E3,” Hayter says.

We want to make sure that the trailers are as close to the final product as possible, so we’re taking everything away from them.

Instead, we’re showing you what the truck looks like and how it moves, and we’ll have all the detail you’ll need to make a good decision.

And, of course, the trailer will be showing a trailer of the game itself, which will be playable in the wild, rather than a trailer just of the final version of the trailer you’ll get.

That trailer will contain some pretty big changes, too.

The truckers have become more aggressive.

I think the trucking scene has become a little bit more dangerous, as opposed to how it used to be, which is just the traditional way of it.

But the truck drivers are going to be more aggressive and will be more prone to being shot at. 

You’re going to see a lot more trucks, the trailers, and more vehicles.

One of the major differences in the trailers is that you won’t be able to take the truck back to the trailer and put it on the truck.

This has meant that the trailer has been given a few more things to look at.

Hayter explains that the truck’s exterior has been tweaked, and that it will now have a more natural appearance. 

It’s also got a new roof, which makes the truck appear much more mobile, and it has a new engine.

The trailer is being built for a range of platforms, and Hayter expects it to be in the hands of a wider audience than it was in the E3 trailer.

The trailer will also contain more information about the game and its plot.

Hayters says it will be a more detailed look at the game’s world, with a lot going on in a few different places. 

The trailer also shows the trailer for a game called “The Road” which will take place during the game. 

I can’t reveal too much about what it will look like.

I can say that it’s going to look like a game, and there will be lots of different types of people involved.

There will be trucks, there will also be cars, there are going’t be any animals, there’ll be lots and lots of things to explore. 

This trailer is also notable for its trailers, which look like they’ve been created by people who have worked on the trailers for previous titles.

The trailers were all shot for the E4 demo.

So, yeah, it’s a pretty big trailer.

We’re really proud of it, and I think it’s really a good start. 

Hayter says that he wants to see more trailers like this, and he hopes they will be released as part of the full game.

He also said that the next trailer is not set in Sweden, and instead, the game is set in the fictional town of Ostrobothnia. 

In terms of how the trailer is made, Hayter said that he’s been working on it since the very beginning.

He also said it’s “not something I was really involved in”.

He said he’d love to make it for a third-party, but he didn’t have any concrete plans as of yet. 

He said that although the trailer was made by a team from Microsoft, he felt it “could be done by someone else”. 

Hayters said he would like to see the trailer made into a full game, with the full trailer available to all.