The Chevrolet axles, axles and axleshafts, the most popular and most sought-after parts on the Chevy trucks and SUVs, are the best-selling parts on most new vehicles, with about half of them for sale in the U.S. in 2015.

The axles are a must-have on a Chevy, as they’re the key to a vehicle’s ability to roll over uneven terrain.

They’re also a good way to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

But they’re also pricey, and they’re a tough sell for a company that’s trying to cut costs while offering premium vehicles.

A new study by the Automotive Research Institute and Ford Motor Co. says axles from the 2016 to 2017 models were the most expensive components on a 2016-based Chevrolet.

The study estimated the cost of axles at $9,622.50, up $300 from last year.

The most expensive axles in 2016 were the front axles ($8,788), rear axles (8,988) and the suspension and brake rotors (7,000).

The axle price index for the 2016-2017 vehicles included an average price of $5,039.47, up about $700 from last years average price.

In addition, the average price for axles was up $270 from 2015.