News24 has been unable to locate the truck that was used in the dump truck scam, but a picture taken of the dump trucks by the company that made them and posted online seems to show the trucks with distinctive pumpkins on them.

The photo, posted on a Facebook page called “Pumpkins for Sale” was shared by a user named “Mikko” on Wednesday morning.

The user captioned the photo, “I just bought a pumpkin truck for the first time and this was the first truck I saw that I would have to drive.

I am amazed at the look on the people’s faces when they see the pumpkin.”

The post has since been shared more than 500 times, with comments from people who commented saying the trucks looked like “pumpkin truck rental vans”.

The pictures were taken by the website “Pumping & Packing”, which claims to offer “pumping and hauling services” to a range of companies, including an electric trucking firm.

“It’s not really a big deal that they are getting this type of work done,” a customer named “Mr Joe” said in a comment to News24.

“They are getting a job and getting paid.

They get a good job.”

A spokesperson for Pumping & Papping said the company had “received many inquiries from people looking for a truck to haul their own items”.

“The work is done by the team who are experienced and qualified, and all the work is paid,” the spokesperson said.

“This is not an advert for a company.”

The spokesperson did not reply to News 24’s request for comment.

Pumping&Packing’s website lists several other companies that it has worked with, including one that offers “pumps for sale”.

The website also offers “Pumps for Sale”, and advertises for “Pumped Pins”, which are similar to pumpkins, but smaller and usually have holes in the bottom, instead of a pump.

Pumpkickers, who have a reputation for being the worst pumpkins in the world, have been blamed for several similar scams in Australia.