This is a big one, but not in a good way.

This stretch of road in the state of Nevada has changed over the years from a busy dirt road to a high-traffic dirt road.

But in a lot of ways, the old dirt road is still pretty good.

I don’t think we’d ever call this an old-fashioned dirt road, but it is. 

In a few years, the stretch of dirt road will get a new name: the Nevada Turnpike.

The new name is part of a new $6.5 billion road project that will include a new section of highway and a new freeway to be built on the Las Vegas Strip. 

The new highway will eventually connect Las Vegas to Reno.

The highway is named the NV-6. 

A new twist on the road is the Nevada-Las Vegas Expressway (NV-6). 

There are four lanes of the highway that run parallel to each other, with the highway going right up the middle of the freeway, making the lane the center of attention. 

This lane is actually quite busy right now, as drivers have been stuck for hours, and traffic has been backed up for miles. 

What’s really cool about the highway is the new freeway that will be built to connect Las, Vegas and Reno. 

Construction is expected to start in 2020 and is expected cost $4 billion.

The freeway is supposed to be complete in 2025. 

Nevada is the second-largest state in the country after California, and the state’s population has grown at an impressive rate over the past few decades.

In fact, it’s been the fastest growing state in America for a long time. 

Now that the highway will be part of the $6 billion project, the highway itself will be upgraded to include more than 700 miles of new lanes, as well as an extension of the interstate highway system to Las Vegas. 

One of the improvements to the highway in Nevada will be a new traffic signal system, according to the Las Vacans Daily. 

There is a new sign that will show how far the new highway is from the traffic signal, but for now it will just be a sign to tell people to slow down. 

Some people are going to love the new traffic light system. 

For the past five years, people have been stranded for hours in Nevada on the highway because of traffic delays.

The state is hoping that the new road will solve this problem. 

When the new Nevada highway opens, there are going be several new options for people to make their way between Las Vegas and Las Vegas, as the old road has now been completely rerouted. 

While the new state highway is only the first phase of the new Las Vegas Express, the new section is expected also to help revitalize the area. 

It’s going to be a busy time for the area of Las Vegas that is close to the Strip, as traffic will be slow, and there will be lots of people in the area waiting to make a trip. 

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