The idea of renting a truck is as old as time, and it’s no different when it comes to drone rental.

You can rent one of these for a few dollars, and you can do it anywhere in the world, according to Google Maps.

Google says you can rent the truck for $2,700 per month, but you’ll need a drone that can do GPS mapping and provide you with directions.

If you need a truck that can be remotely controlled, you’ll want to get a GPS unit, or “gps dongle,” that works with your drone.

If the GPS unit isn’t available, then you’ll have to go to a truck rental company to have it shipped to you.

Here’s how to rent a truck.1.

Go to the Google Maps website and sign in with your Google account.2.

Click on “vehicles” on the top menu bar.3.

Select “drones” in the left column.4.

Click “search” in “dongle search” to get to Google’s drone rental website.5.

Choose a “lease” for your drone from the dropdown menu.6.

Click the “lease agreement” button at the bottom of the page.7.

Click and drag to make a move.8.

You should now see your drone in the “Vehicles” dropdown list.9.

Choose the drone to rent.10.

Once you’re ready to start the lease, you should click on the “enter” button.11.

If it’s the first time you’re using Google Maps, you may need to go back and click on your previous navigation location to get the most recent location.12.

You will need to fill out the rental agreement and a few other information fields to begin the lease.13.

Once the lease is complete, you will see the drone on the map.

You may have to move the drone back and forth to get it to appear in the map, but it should be up and running by then.14.

When the drone is live, you can click on it to get directions and get a notification when the drone moves.15.

Once in the drone, you must find the “motor” and “grip” buttons on the side of the drone.16.

When you have a truck on the road, you simply need to press the “g” button to turn it on.

It will then turn itself off.17.

The drone will be fully charged when you’re done using it.18.

Once it’s fully charged, you just need to plug it in.

The battery will recharge itself when you plug it back in.

You won’t need to charge it during your entire time renting a drone.19.

When it’s time to rent the drone again, just press the green “Rental” button, and the drone will take off.20.

Once parked, you have about two hours to get back to the rental site, and if you want to rent more drones, you might want to call the company that will rent your truck to make sure the drone you rent will be available in time for your next flight.