Wired is reporting that a truck that was originally built for a Canadian company was recently sold for $1,000.

The truck had been covered with a sticker that read “Truck with custom name.”

The truck had no original markings and was only recently repainted by a Canadian trucking company.

The company, TransCanada, bought the truck and its owner for $7,000 (roughly $3,000 in today’s money).

It’s a story worth hearing, especially if you’re a trucking enthusiast who has been eyeing the potential of the internet as a tool for spreading the word about a specific project.

The company that originally bought the original truck has since gone on to build the truck, so we’ll see if it is up to the task.

It’s certainly possible that the truck was simply a repainted one with a different name.

The truck has a reputation for being hard to spot, but it has never been known to cause accidents.

It was sold with a $7K insurance claim.