A truck that was built in China.

A truck that is powered by the engine of a diesel truck, a truck that’s powered by gasoline, and a truck with a diesel engine.

But the next best thing?

The Nissan truck.

A Nissan truck that looks like a Ford Falcon.

And the Nissan truck is even bigger.

Nissan has built a truck in China that looks more like a giant Nissan Falcon than a Ford truck.

The Nissan Trucker is a concept model that is due to roll out to test at Nissan dealerships in Japan later this month.

The concept Nissan truck has been designed by Japanese company SAE International.

Its got a 6.2-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that has a peak torque of 990Nm, which is about 500Nm more than the Ford truck’s diesel.

Its also got a 7.1-litres twin-cam turbocharged engine that powers the rear wheels.

The truck’s dimensions are 1,550mm long, 3,640mm wide and 5,700mm deep.

The truck is also 5,650mm long and 6,400mm wide.

And while the Nissan Trucher is designed to be a prototype, it will actually be the most powerful truck ever made.

Its expected to achieve a peak top speed of 320km/h (217mph).

The company says it is planning to make the Nissan trucks around 10,000 units a year.