Small pickup trucks have been around since the 1970s and the small pickup truck has become one of the most popular vehicles for those who enjoy off-road activities.

When you buy a small truck, you also buy the right equipment, such as a radio, a radio transmitter and a receiver.

Most trucks are fitted with a GPS receiver and you can also choose to get a radio for use with your phone.

While the radio and receiver may seem unnecessary, you can get a better signal if you use a good quality antenna, which should come with the truck.

The radio is often required in the smaller pickup truck, because it is used to provide information and navigation.

A truck that is fitted with the receiver is much better equipped to receive the GPS signals.

As well as the GPS receiver, you will also need a radio and an amplifier to receive and decode the GPS signal.

To find out more about the radio, check out our radio buying guide.

Small pickup trucks can be fitted with stereo speakers, so you can listen to music, podcasts and TV programmes.

The stereo speakers will help you listen to a wider range of music and programmes.

If you have a lot of small items, a small pickup will provide you with a better audio system.

You can get the right amplifier if you buy the truck and it should be a good value.

You can get better audio from the amplifier that comes with the trailer.

In addition, you should consider a trailer.

The trailers can be a very nice way to transport goods, as well as being a great way to park the truck if you want to have a bit of space to store items.