The trucks covered the ground of India’s Punjab province for the first time in a couple of weeks.

The trucks cover the ground in a circular fashion and the trucks are equipped with a system to keep track of the amount of dirt in the system.

The mud trucks are being used in various places across India and the state of Punjab.

The state government had put up a mud truck cover for several months now, but it wasn’t a major issue.

But this was the first major coverage for the trucks.

The state government also made it mandatory for all mud truck owners to put mud covering on the vehicle.

This meant that if a mud driver didn’t put mud on the truck, he would be fined.

There are two types of mud covering, mud and water.

The former covers the truck from the top and the latter covers the rear and sides of the truck.

The truck itself is covered in mud covering.

A mud truck in a place where there is a large number of trucks covering the road.

A mud truck is usually a vehicle that is equipped with mud covering systems to prevent the mud from falling on the road and prevent the trucks from breaking down.

This is how the trucks cover ground in the Punjab province.

The system is in place to keep a log of the mud trucks in use.

The trucks have a special system to monitor their position in the mud.

If a mud vehicle breaks down, the mud truck will move to another location.

If the truck breaks down in the area, the vehicle will move towards another location, or the mud will be collected and dumped in a separate location.

The mud trucks will also travel a distance when the system detects that they are not in the right place.

The system is equipped to keep records of mud trucks and their locations.

The vehicle is equipped and monitored by an official from the state government.

The official then reports the logs to the central government, which then makes a decision about whether to issue the trucks a licence.