NEW DELHI: In a move to keep up with demand, a company is set to introduce a new fleet of mail trucks.

The company, which will be called Kolkata Mail, has been exploring the feasibility of a new trucking service for a decade.

It has invested over Rs 20,000 crore to build up its fleet of trucks, but the plan is now being scaled up to the world’s busiest city.

The trucking company has been considering the option of expanding to a larger city such as Mumbai.

Kolkatta is about 90 kilometres from the city.

KML has said that it has a fleet of about 15 trucks in the city, but has not revealed any additional numbers.

KMG has a smaller fleet in Mumbai.

The company has said it is working on a partnership with the Indian Express and other regional newspaper.

KMZ has a small fleet of four trucks.

Kolkata-based KML, founded in 2012, has over 500,000 registered vehicles in its fleet.

In the past, the company had said that a new delivery truck will be unveiled next month.

The new truck will come equipped with a new technology called KML Delivery Systems (KDS) and will be powered by an electric motor, the truck will also feature an array of sensors that will allow the driver to collect data and provide a visualised view of the truck.

The KML trucks will be offered for a minimum of Rs 1,200 and Rs 2,200.

The vehicle will have an operating price of Rs 2.50 lakh, the highest in the country.

The total cost of the vehicle is estimated to be about Rs 4.6 crore.