Ford has announced it’s shutting down its Chevrolet Trucks and Lincoln Navigators.

The automaker said it will stop producing the truck line in 2021, with plans to focus on new vehicles and new parts.

The company said in a statement to the Associated Press that it will not produce trucks for other Ford brands.

Ford said in December it would shut down production of all of its brands by 2025.

The company’s announcement follows an announcement earlier this month that it was pulling all Ford and Lincoln vehicles off the road.

It also followed a statement in September that said it would be cutting 2,100 jobs across the company.

Ford said it is bringing back a few older models, including the Focus, Focus RS and Lincoln Town and Country, but said the rest of its vehicles will continue to be manufactured.

The automaker did not provide an estimate for how many of the current and former vehicles it will be replacing.

Ford also announced plans to buy out its debt.