The new craigslist craigslist tractor is about to be unveiled in the town of Sligo and the company that brought it to life is looking to change the face of trucking.

A craigslist-branded tractor is set to be rolled out by the company at Sligo’s RTE truck show on Friday, December 12.

The craigslist company, which has been producing tractor trailers since 2009, says it is using the new tractor as an example to educate the public on the virtues of trucks.

“The new craigey tractor has been built in Ireland and it has a very special story to tell,” said a spokesman.

“It is a brand new truck and has been tested in many different ways and we’ve found it to be a great choice for people wanting to take on the road to their destination.”

The craigeys tractor is designed to offer better fuel economy, more comfortable and easier to maintain conditions.

The company says the tractor will be suitable for long haul journeys where it is not possible to use conventional trailer trailers.

“This will be the first vehicle that is a complete cargo haul truck and will allow the driver to drive to and from the depot and take his or her belongings with them,” the spokesman said.

“That is an essential requirement for anyone wishing to take up the role of truck driver.”

The company also said it was investing €1m to upgrade the tractor with a new system that will reduce the number of transmissions used on the tractor by 20 per cent.

“We have spent the last four years learning and honing the technology so that the new craigy tractor will provide the safest possible driving experience for all our drivers,” the company said.

“This technology will provide an even greater sense of confidence, as the truck is more efficient.”

Craigslist’s trucking operations have seen a steady increase in demand since the company’s debut in 2009.

The company employs over 100 people, including engineers and designers.

The new tractor will have four doors with a capacity of 1,200 litres, a rear axle of 2,000 kilograms and four axles.