By Andrew LaitinPublished September 07, 2018 05:54:20When you’re stuck in traffic, the safest option for you may be a small truck.

A new video from the trucking company, Cessna, shows how to safely and safely haul your trailer without a hitch.

The company has been working with local truckers to teach them the basics of the job.

Cessna’s CEO, Steve Krakau, said in the video that the truck is not a trailer.

It’s a vehicle that allows us to move a lot more quickly.

It allows us more room to move stuff and it allows us less friction, he said.

He said the truck’s ability to move around is limited by the fact that it has a trailer hitch.

Krakau said that a truck trailer has a very unique and unique role, and that’s because it’s not a vehicle for people to carry a trailer, it’s a truck.

Citi, a financial services company, is partnering with Cessnans for the project.

Krakua said that in the U.S., Citi employees often use their trailers for long-haul work.

For example, Citi drivers use their trucks to haul heavy machinery to their homes.

But if Citi’s drivers had to haul their trailers on their own, Krakai said, it would be too much for the drivers.

The videos, which have been viewed more than 100,000 times, highlight the benefits of a trailer to a truck driver.

“This is what it takes to get through traffic,” he said in one.

Cressna’s videos also show how to use a trailer for cargo.

In one, the truck driver can see a trailer being towed in the distance and use the trailer to move the trailer’s trailer hitch in the other direction.

In another video, the driver of a Cessne truck, who’s also the owner of the company, can see his trailer being loaded onto the back of a moving truck.

In the videos, the trailer hitch has a hole, which is why Cessnas trailer hitch is designed to be a bit flimsy.

It has a slight curve on the side, and it has the ability to be pulled in and out of the trailer, Krikau said.

Cabins also has an ad on YouTube showing a Cressna trailer hitch being pulled into a moving van.

He said the company’s trailer has already been on the road for about two months.”

This is something I don’t have to do a lot of, and I think people like it.”

He said the company’s trailer has already been on the road for about two months.

The trailer hitch, like most trailers, comes with a safety belt, which helps prevent the hitch from falling off and potentially breaking.

The safety belt comes with an attached safety belt with Velcro strips, Krekau said in a video.

“We use a combination of safety belts that are really well designed, and we have our own Velcro strip that you can put on the trailer,” he added.

Krajus, who is also a trucking engineer, said that it’s possible to hook a trailer trailer with a belt without having to attach a safety harness.

He noted that a trailer can be hooked with one of its own safety belts, but the safety belt is usually attached with Velocros.

“They don’t need to have a safety vest, they just need to be able to hook the trailer with the safety vest,” Krajus said.

He said that when using a trailer that has a safety strap attached, the hitch can be secured to the trailer by pulling a safety loop on the safety strap.

Krekau also said that the company is working on a trailer extension to allow a trailer driver to tow the trailer out of a stuck spot.

He also said a trailer is designed so that it doesn’t break when being towed.

“I have a trailer and a trailer tow that’s pretty much the same size and I have a truck and I also have a tractor, so there’s not going to be any differences,” he explained.