In the film Fargo, Hank and the gang take a jeep and get a job working at a local ice cream shop.

The scene ends with Hank driving the jeep home to Fargo.

But what was it like for a few days as the new trailer was being loaded and set up?

The trailer is shown off in the trailer to the trailer park, but the actual trailer is a new model of trailer with the exterior paint removed, according to the Fargo website.

The trailer was installed by the same company that builds the film’s other trailers.

The trailer was originally a 1979 model of the truck, the company told CBC News.

“It’s a brand new truck, built by a different company and used for a different purpose,” said Bob Sauer, an engineer with Fargo Trailer.

“It was never used in any of the other movies.”

In the film, the trailer is in the truck parking lot and the trailer itself is inside the ice cream van.

“We built the trailer and the exterior,” Sauer said.

“The trailer’s going to be put on a truck, and that’s where we’re going to have it parked.”

The trailer also features a unique, two-stage video camera system, and an integrated sound system that uses two different microphones to record sound for the video camera and speaker system.

The system also features an integrated camera feed, which is designed to be used for the sound.

The sound system is also being used in other scenes in the movie, which has a different set of camera angles and location.

The system also uses the trailer’s speaker system to deliver the sound to the truck’s speakers.

“The speaker system is a very important part of the sound,” Sauersaid.

“When the sound is coming through the speakers, we’re using an integrated microphone to collect sound.

It has a very high level of sensitivity, and it can handle very loud sounds.”

While the sound system will be used in all of the scenes in Fargo, the sound effects are only being used for certain scenes.

“In certain scenes, we are using some audio from the sound that is coming out of the speakers,” Sauser said.

“You have to use those sound effects, but you don’t have to do it too often.”

“Fargo,” the new Fargo film, is scheduled to open nationwide on April 3.