A new Tesla Semi truck rental deal with Tesla is coming to the US.

The leasing service for the truck, called Tesla Semi, has been available in Canada and the US for about two years, but Tesla is finally rolling out its first truck rental in Australia.

“Our intention is to bring the Semi truck service to Australia,” Tesla Australia chief executive Matthew Thomas told Business Insider in an interview.

Tesla Semi is Tesla’s semi truck service, which allows owners to rent out their trucks on the spot to drivers.

Tesla’s service was available in the US and Canada until June 2017.

It’s now available in Australia as well, and Tesla is working on expanding the service to other countries.

Tesla said it’s targeting Australia because it’s “one of the fastest growing markets for truck rental”.

The truck rental service costs $99 per truck and it only requires two drivers.

Drivers can choose from Tesla’s range of vehicles, such as a Tesla Semi and Tesla Model X crossover, or choose from a Tesla Model S or Model X P90D.

Tesla said it would work with a fleet of “up to” 15 trucks per week.

Truck rental deals in Australia are currently available through Tesla’s Australia website.

Tesla also announced that it is expanding its service to India, bringing it to over 30 cities in the country, including Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.