An old car might have lost its original paint, but you can still see some of its original features thanks to a collection of new trucks from Toyota.

Toyota’s MR3 trucks are just the latest batch of MR1 and MR2 trucks to hit the market, which is the best way to tell how much time has passed since a vehicle was built.

The cars have also received a few upgrades, including a new front grille and a revised engine bay, and they’re a lot more modern than the originals.

The MR3s, for instance, are nearly five years old.

We’ve got a collection, Toyota MR3, MR2 and MR1 from Toyota, MR3 from Ford, and MR3 and MR4 from Honda in our showroom.

The latest MR1s have been replaced with newer MR3 models, while the MR2s have received new engine options and the MR4s have gained a turbocharged version.

You can pick up a new MR3 or MR2 here, but if you’re after a new pickup, the MR3 has the best track record.

It’s been around since 2009, and we still have the MR1 in our warehouse.

What to do if you own an MR3?

Check out our list of things you can do to make sure the car is as good as new.

If you’ve already had a car for a while, you may not have noticed any changes, but Toyota is adding a few new features, such as an adjustable rear spoiler and a lower center console.

Here’s what you’ll find on the new MR1 models, starting with the latest MR2: Toyota MR2 – New exterior, new exterior with high-performance rear-wheel drive, low-slung headliner, and more.

New front grilles, an air-conditioning ventilator, and a new fog lights are standard.

More powerful engines, a larger cargo space, and optional high-output mufflers will make the MR5 more powerful than the MRX.

The front fender and bumpers have been updated with a larger grille, and the front grills have been extended.

 The MR1 has the same body kit as the MR7, and is available with a more aggressive grille. MR1 MR3 – Standard equipment, standard interior, and standard equipment with a rearview camera.

No front bumper, no high-speed automatic transmission.

No leather seats, just a plastic box.

Only one-piece, four-spoke alloy wheels, and no power steering.

The new MR4 has a slightly modified chassis, but it’s still got a 5.5-liter V6 engine.

Not all MR1 owners will have the same changes.

Toyota says its MR1 MR2 owners can swap out their front fenders for steel ones, and that its MR3 MR4 owners can install a set of high-intensity headlights, an electronic cruise control, and an airbag.

It also offers a set-up that allows for a trunk spoiler and rear diffuser.

The first MR1, the first MR2, and even the first three MR3 will come with a set set of rear diffusers.