If you need to buy a new big truck that’s not coming soon, then you need a bigger truck than you think, experts say.

The big truck industry, which has been booming since the early 1990s, has seen its tires grow by 50% over the past 20 years, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

The AP analyzed tire sales and tire prices in the U.S. and found that the average price for a new large truck is $37,700.

The average price of a smaller truck is about $20,000.

The largest tires in the market are used in Mercedes-Benz trucks and the average size is 5.5 inches wide.

But many of those larger trucks, including the bigger truck market, have no room to spare for extra tires.

The average size of the big trucks has also doubled over the years.

A 2010 Toyota Tundra was the largest truck in the world at 3,200 square feet.

In 2015, the average truck size was about 1,200 cubic feet.

And the average cost of tires in this market has soared.

A 2013 Ford F-150 pickup truck is listed at $25,500.

That’s up about $2,000 from 2015.

A 2014 Toyota Camry was listed at 2,400 square feet in the same listing.

And the average width of the average pickup truck was 7 inches in 2016.

And in the big truck market for 2017, the Toyota Tacoma is listed as the largest vehicle at 4,500 square feet, while the Jeep Grand Cherokee is listed by far as the smallest vehicle at 2.4 square feet and the Jeep Cherokee is 3.6 square feet wide.

The Ford F150 is listed about 6 inches wide, the Chevy Silverado is about 6.5 and the Ford Taurus is about 9.

The number of tires that you need has more than doubled since 1990, when only 20% of trucks had room for more than two tires.

The AP found that only about 6% of vehicles now have room for three tires.

A spokeswoman for the truck tire giant Michelin, which makes the tires used in the Toyota Camrys, said it does not comment on specific product availability or pricing.

But she said the industry is facing a lot of pressure from the new truck industry.

“The new truck market is the fastest-growing segment in the country and the growth has been exponential in the past decade,” Michelin spokeswoman Angela Schafer said.

“We see tremendous demand for trucks that are smaller, quieter, faster, safer and more efficient.”

Some of the biggest players in the small truck market are Ford, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Chrysler.

Ford, with 2.5 million vehicles sold, has the largest footprint in the industry.

The biggest companies in the large truck market include General Motors, DaimlerChrysler and Toyota.

And many small companies have also taken on large roles in the booming small truck industry since the 1990s.

The Texas-based tire maker, the American Trucking Associations, estimates that the size of this market is expected to grow to 2.2 million vehicles in 2021, from a projected 1.8 million vehicles this year.

The association also predicts that the market will reach a market size of about 2.7 million in 2025, from 2.1 million this year and 2.8 billion in 2040.