The Ford pickup will get a major makeover and will be able to handle more fuel and oil.

The truck is set to go on sale in 2019.

Ford said the new pickup will have a larger cab, more fuel capacity, more powerful engines, and more storage space.

It will be lighter and be more fuel efficient.

The company said it will be a great fit for a variety of customers, including the military and emergency responders.

The pickup will be more affordable for buyers.

It won’t be the first Ford truck to get a facelift.

The Ford Focus sedan got a facelt upgrade last year and a redesigned trim level last year.

Ford also said it is expanding its fleet in Texas, adding 1,400 vehicles and adding two new truck dealerships in Austin and Laredo.

As part of its efforts to grow its U.S. truck fleet, Ford has been working with local manufacturers and local government to make truck purchases more attractive to local truckers.

Ford said it has made some new changes to the 2019 Ford Focus and 2018 Focus Hybrid.

Read more: Ford to get $10.5 billion bailout deal in 2019 Ford said the truck will be the fastest-selling Ford model since 2009.

Ford is expected to increase the price of the 2019 Focus Hybrid by an average of nearly 15% to $21,500.

At the time of the bailout, Ford also said that it would expand its sales in the U.K. and Australia, as well as build two new assembly lines in China.