Toyota is selling more than 4.5 million Camrys, Tacoma SUVs, Priuses and Toyota Camry hybrid trucks to be manufactured in Mexico, the automaker announced Thursday.

The automaker will continue to manufacture the trucks in the United States and is expected to deliver nearly 4 million of the vehicles annually through 2020, Toyota said in a press release.

In a press conference, the company said that over 1.5 billion Camrys will be built globally in 2021, the last year of the production lifecycle for the models.

Toyota said that it plans to continue to sell the trucks through 2022, when it plans for the next phase of production to ramp up.

Toyota will be making its vehicles in the Mexico City plant from 2019 to 2020.

Toyota said it plans “to build approximately 4.9 million vehicles annually.”

The automaker plans to sell more than 6 million vehicles a year through 2021, and plans to produce over 3 million Camys annually through 2022.