A new generation of American cars, trucks and SUVs is poised to make big waves in the auto industry.

And while many of these vehicles are made in Mexico, they’re not exactly American-made.

The newest crop of vehicles come with American parts and components, and many are powered by engines made in the U.S. That means that the new vehicles will probably be made in America, too.

It also means that if you order a new Kia or Toyota, it will be made at a factory in the country, not in the United States.

That could mean a huge loss of jobs, since these are vehicles that will be sold in the US to people looking to replace their jobs.

The American-Made Kia trucks in this photo are made by Kia in Mexico.

They’re the first cars built with American-engineered parts, and they’ve been made at the Kia plant in Mexico for years.

(Photo: Kia)The new American-built trucks are the latest in a long line of cars and trucks built with foreign parts.

Before American-produced parts became standard, they came from Asia.

Today, the world’s second-largest auto maker, General Motors, makes most of its cars in China.

American- made parts are also used in a variety of other vehicles, from trucks to buses to tractors to boats.

They even make parts for military vehicles.

But it’s still not all good news for American-workers in the construction industry, which is a large part of the US auto industry today.

Kia, for example, builds the truck in Mexico and exports it to the United Kingdom.

“When we look at a vehicle built in Mexico that’s produced by the U of S, we’re looking at a Kia,” says Jim Pugh, president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local 786.

“We’ve had a Kiz, a Kite, and now we’re seeing a Kias.”

Pugh and other union officials say they are concerned about the effects of the Kias, since they are made using American parts.

He says that when workers at Kia plants were told that their vehicles would be made elsewhere in the world, they were angry.

“I’m talking about the construction and equipment workers who are the backbone of our industry and they have no option but to be angry,” Pugh says.

“The Kia truck is an example of that, but it’s a very small example.”

Pugh also points out that many American-based companies are already shipping Kia products to China, so workers there could see their wages go down.

He argues that the Kiz is an American-manufactured product that could affect workers at that plant, and he believes that will affect the workers who make Kia’s trucks.

“This is the first step toward a loss of American jobs,” Puddles says.

The Kia company has not responded to our request for comment.